Is it possible to shoot 2x faster and 2x tighter groups in only 21 days using these techniques that cost less than a single trip to the range?

Yes… but more than that, here’s what our training will do for you:

  • You’ll learn how to grip your gun so that the sights AUTOMATICALLY come into alignment—without conscious thought—every time you draw.
  • Not only that, but with the right grip, your sights will automatically come back into perfect alignment after each shot so you can shoot fast, accurate followup shots.
  • You’ll learn vision drills and tricks that will allow you aim faster and easier, even if you are cross-eye dominant or have trouble seeing your front sight clearly.
  • You’ll learn a single technique that will allow you to confidently hit targets from 10 feet to 100 yards (or more).
  • You’ll learn how to train SMARTER so that you can improve 10x as much using 1/10th the time and money as shooters who only do “traditional” training.
  • You’ll learn specific ways to practice so that your skill level won’t fall off a cliff under high stress.
  • And MUCH more…

Interested? Of course you are?

But I bet you think it sounds too good to be true? Don’t worry. I would too. And that’s why I think it’s important that you hear what my customers…from newbie shooters to decorated special operations shooters…have to say about the training I’m about to share with you.